Tuesday 2 October 2012

Rusk Mining Outpost attacked

+++++++++++ NEWS ALERT +++++++++++

Comrades ....Late yesterday evening the peaceful off world Mining Colony of Cheklin V was attacked without warning by Evil Imperial forces. The loyal forces of the Russian United States of the Kirov System were forced from the field after causing severe damage to the invading Imperial scum.

The Arden Defence forces arrived on the outskirts of the mining colony bringing with them a heavy MBT, 2 APCS  and a utility vehicle. 4 fire teams and a 2 man HQ were mounted in said vehicles. Each trooper being highly skilled and veterans of the imperialist wars spreading across our colonies. The skilled troops D10 were lightly armoured with moderate morale and T2 weaponary

Our comrades forces included 4 fire teans D8 and morale of D10, lightly armoured and also using T2 weaponary. Two T552's MBT were also present. The colony was set up in the lower left quarter of the battlefield was was protected by a large reinforced bunker construction with 25mm Chain gun.

The first few turns saw the armored vehicles slowly approach the hidden forces surrounding the colony, advancing on the bunker. On MBT sighting the bunker the Imperial MBT started firing main tank and HMG rounds ineffecitvely into the bunker.
After several shots the Imperial APCs advanced to also fire upon the bunker system, with the scout vehicle moving slowly from cover to clove. At this point and with the APC moving to cover, the bunker 25 chain gun opened fire destroying the APC. Sadly...all but one figure of the two fire teams escaped to cover.
On the success, both Rusks MBTS churned into action and moved into shooting positions.
 The next round saw a Rusk MBT hit yet fail to penetrate the Imperial MBT with its return fire causing castrophic damage to the firing MBT. The second Rusk MBT opened fire on the second Imperial APC and immobilised it. The bunker 25mm gun then finished it off, sadly after the Imperial fireteams had  disembarked and moved to cover.
Next round saw the demise of our Comrades in the second MBT. A single hit causing taking out crew and tank. Just wait Imperialists until the new MBT's arrive from the motherland!

The next few rounds saw the Imperial MBT destroying the bunker complex, however two Imperial fireteams made a quick dash across cover to only to fall upon an ambush. The trap was sprung and both Imperial fireteams were taken out of the fight. One Comrade fireteam then fell to resulting MBT fire.
Bravely ignoring the incoming Tank fire, the Imperial forces were captured, however casualties were taken.
After several braze attempts by the Rusk Infantry and RPG teams and a failed ambush attack on the final Imperial fire teams all RUSK forces were forced to leave the field to fight another day.

All in all a very good game and with the addition of vehicles for the first time with the Tomorrows War rules a much improved experiance. A few errors were made, the different Dice types being forgotten for the tank teams and a few reaction mistakes, however despite that all very entertaining. Really starting to enjoy these rules. Just need to play them more, however with my new cabin and table all set up, I should have the time to do so! To add this was the first game in my new cabin!

Hope you enjoyed :) I  might even get to win a game some time soon!



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