Friday 9 August 2013

Libery Campaign

...............0700 Hrs Liberty Time............

Farming Station Delta

The locals are discussing the days farming unknown that several clicks away Comrades of the Southern States Communist Militia are preparing for a dawn raid to capture some supplies and send a message to the local Alliance forces.

Already Scout forces are speeding towards FS-Delta

Stay tuned for the next exiting episode....

Right then.....its time I start my solo campaign.  Its the planet of Liberty one of the first colonised planets  which was shared  between the PLA, British Commonwealth and Russian United States of the  Kirov system. Sadly for the Rusks the share was far from equal after the end of the First War of Liberty and now the Rusk's are wanting something more.

Rusk sponsored local militia forces are instigating trouble with their Rusk 'Instructors' as support.

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  1. Special thanks go to Scott -Randall Case....hes the idea behind this campaign and I'm hoping in the near future I should have some scenarios which work nicely with my miniatures!